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Welcome to SOS, Save Our Selves E-Support Group.  I am glad that you chose to join this group.  Feel free to jump right in and tell us something about yourself.  Or you can wait until you feel more comfortable.  This list was set up to provide a safe place to come for recovery, as well as to inform and give up to date information on SOS.


***Abstinence Only***
SOS is an abstinence only support group.  If we were to entertain the thought that we could support people who were practicing moderation, / then the group and the message would be weakened.  It would become watered down and would no longer be a powerful support group.


For those seeking support for moderation, we suggest other groups that would better fit their needs. Abstinence, not cutting back on the number of drugs used. SOS supports those who want to change their lives by removing alcohol/drugs from their lives. It does not support cutting back from five or six drugs to only one or two. Sometimes there are exceptions. One exception would be someone who is cutting back because of withdrawal; having every intention of becoming abstinent. Exceptions are only temporary.


What is taken because of medical reasons is best left to the SOS member and their doctors.


Abstinence issues of distraction:
Side issues of distraction are coffee, tea, chocolate, smoking tobacco.  These are not things SOS would like to spend time on, debating if they should be included in our definition of abstinence and are best left to individual members to decide for themselves.  Endless debates using SOS Support E-List Support Group time on this would not be productive.

Members freely share their battle with these and ask for support an input.  It's an individual issue and is an individual choice how to approach this with no presser from the group, one way or the other. This was taken from the book "Building Recovery" Chapter; SOS Core Beliefs, page 18.


You might like to start by reading the page that we are developing for newcomers www.soselist.org. It contains some real life information and describes the experiences that some members have had in early recovery. Members range from longtime supporters of SOS to newcomers wanting to get more info on SOS.


What this group is about

We promote new & longstanding SOS groups.
We explore new ideas in recovery.
We welcome your input.


How this list works

This is a free-thought support group. We encourage debate and want to hear your thoughts. We encourage you to share what works for you.  If you post about what your doing and what you need, you shouldn't get any negative feed back. If you do get negative feed back please wait around for a bit because someone will probably come to your defense quickly. No one here is a mind reader. We can't guess what you need to hear. If you don't see any posts that are helpful to you, take the chance and let us know where your at and what your needs are. It's easy to get the most from what we have to offer.  Just start posting...  Many people have come and gone from this list. Some have found help and others have left with nothing. When you stay hidden behind your keyboard hoping someone will ask a question that will be of some help to you, it may or may not happen.  It's a risk to do nothing and it's a risk to expose yourself to others, but if you don't post, we can only guess what you need. If we guess wrong then it is only by chance that you will find the help you need. It's entirely to your advantage to post frequently, and to participate actively in this group. We expect you to refrain from the use of profanity and name-calling in your posts and replies. This list was setup as a G-rated Yahoo Group. If you use profanity then your post may be deleted.


Relation to Other Groups

If you promote another recovery method in an unrealistic way or "The Only Way" and claim that it will work for everyone, you will without a doubt get lots of negative feedback. If you've only received positive and good results from another group, and you want to share this with us -- that's great! We want to hear about your success. Be aware that your post could be followed up by a post from someone who has had a not-so-pleasant experience with that same group. This is not an attack on you.  It's only the sharing of what that person experienced. The sharing of something that happened and how that affected someone who came from some other group may be seen by some as "bashing" that group if the experience was negative. The truth as seen through the eyes of that person is more important here than protecting any one group. We strongly believe that there is NO "One True Way."  This includes SOS. We know that SOS only works for some people.


Our View on Politics and Religion

Religious and Non-Religious freedom is practiced here. There will be no preaching or promoting your religious or non-religious views. This is an abstinence based support group and our focus is on moving forward in the new life. Religious and political debates distract from the reason we are here. On the other hand, if you would like to share your personal beliefs, how they are of value to you, and what part they played in your recovery, but without appearing to preach to us, then go for it. You may be called on such a post, so be prepared to post a reply to clarify that your thoughts are part of your recovery and were not meant to preach or promote your personal religious or non-religious beliefs. Each of us needs to find a way to respect the beliefs or others.


Tips on Posting

You can post to the group either by using your own e-mail software and address a message to sossaveourselves@yahoogroups.com, or by clicking on messages on our homepage at 

http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/sossaveourselves. You also have the choice of reading messages either in your e-mail or on the web. More help on using Yahoo Groups is available at http://help.yahoo.com/help/groupsThis group was set up using "Plain Text" with no attachments allowed. If you post to the group in anything other than "Plain Text" your post will be bounced by Yahoo. Be sure your sending your post in plain text or go the web site to post. If you post from the web, the message will automatically be "Plain Text."


If you would like to check spelling before posting, there is a free Spellchecker at www.iespell.com. The Google Toolbar also has a spellchecker.


Here are some more links to help with posting


Live Chat

Because of lack of interest our Real Time Online Meetings are temporally suspended.


Face - to - Face SOS Meetings

To find an SOS meeting check www.sossobriety.org/meetings. If there isn't a meeting listed in your area it could mean that there's one being planned. Leave your info on how you can be contacted. Someone in your area may be waiting to contact you.  This is how meetings are started.  If we can be of any help please ask.


Finally I would like to say that this is a fantastic journey you've chosen to make, and I'd like to welcome you to the greatest and most rewarding challenge that has come your way.


Your life is now in your hands.


See SOS International at www.sossobriety.org for up-to-date info as well as links to the SOS family of SOS web sites. We encourage you to visit them all www.sossobriety.org/uptodate.htm



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