SOS Friends and Families --Set up to meet the needs of friends and families of those who are or have been addicted. 

SOS Friends and Families is a welcome addiction to the SOS Family of support.

It is held by some very caring people.

Celebrating Over 1 Year of Support

An Article from SOS Friends and Families
by Hope

For every one addict you will generally find at least 2 people who love them and are affected by their addiction.  Whether it is their parents, spouses, friends, or children, finding places for those loved ones to get support has been limited greatly, especially for those looking for a secular support group, but now that's no longer the case...

SOS Friends and Families On-Line Support Group has been up and operating since July 12, 2005 and currently has 70 members.  Our backgrounds, hometowns and stories may all be different but one thing is the same, we are in love with an addict.

I personally have a long history of addicts in my life.  My parents were alcoholics; both my brother and sister are alcoholics. My ex-husband was a drug addict.  I am a sober alcoholic who has been sober for 15+ yrs, and am currently fighting a food addiction.

My personal situation with my siblings is, I can count my parents, myself, my children, their children, our younger brother and their spouses as people that are affected by their drinking.  That is 15 people affected by the actions of the both of them.  That is not
including employers, and/or friends.  So the need for a group such as this is there, but so much of the time we are the forgotten victims of their addiction.  We hear about hangovers, blackouts, vomiting everywhere, etc.., but who do you think brings the aspirin, fills in the blanks of the blackouts, and cleans up the mess?  Who makes excuses to friends, family or employers about why they may be late or why they will be unable to show up at all?  Not to mention spouses that try to keep things from upsetting them during the time they are using or children who have learned the signs that mommy or daddy is "sick" so they can stay out of their way?

Let's not forget the 2 AM phone calls, the begging for money and the need for help that we constantly hear.  Who do we turn to?  Who listens when we are at the end of our ropes, or when we feel like failures?

The members at SOS Friends and Family listen.  Every member here has had their lives greatly affected by the addictive behavior of a loved one and they need support, advice, understanding, the opportunity to share and learn.  They need a safe place to do it, no
matter what their spiritual believes are.  We do follow the mission of SOS in that we are secular in nature and hold religion and spirituality as separate issues from our recovery, and the recovery of our loved ones.  This particular SOS group was created to provide an alternative to other programs which are spiritually or religiously based, for the loved ones of the addict.

So much of the time someone dealing with a "high" friend or drunk spouse is too ashamed to look for someone to talk to.  They are convinced nobody will understand why we can't just turn our backs on our loved ones.  So, much of the time that makes it harder for us to deal with the problems in our world, not to mention in our minds, hearts and souls.

Hopefully this group will fill the needs of those people and help to get them thru another day......


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