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  Help with getting started in the group better than just jumping in with no idea what to expect.

Cross Posting

  Sending the same post to two or more different organizations or groups. As addressed in the To: line or CC: line, either in recovery or not in recovery or to other people is discouraged since it could breech the confidentiality and the anonymity of the members of the group 

  If one wants to send the same post it is requested that you copy and paste the post in a new email. It may be more time consuming, but it is a good way to try to ensure the confidentiality of the group.


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Help With Posting

This may or may not be applied to the SOS E-Support group.  This was intended for use in other groups so some of it may not apply.  I think the main parts and thinking do apply to SOS and in the spirit of SOS it's up to you to decide what to use and what not to use.  
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Discussion and Support Board
General guidelines for how to be supportive.
Board Rules and Guidelines

1. Always remember that there are other human beings out there and, like you, they are vulnerable.

2. Be kind to everyone regardless of whether or not you like them.

3. State your feelings and thoughts clearly and without blame - use "I" statements.

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Is The Founder of SOS Still Sober??

Hi Duaine & Jim
I think it is wonderful if you are helping people to stay sober---- or "clean". I just read the article at the link provided below. It is true that "addiction" is physical and that anyone can become addicted to drugs. Not everyone is an alcoholic though. I am, however, very disappointed that a few of AA's traditions have been broken via over a dozen times AA is mentioned in this one small article!! I respect that this is something you feel is "better", and if it is working, that's great! But there is no need to mention AA at ALL in ANY of your articles or
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Making recovery easer 
by knowing about the natural process of recovery

   I found that early in my recovery, I was missing lots of information.
   I went to a detox treatment center where I assumed I would be given all the info I needed.
   I found it difficult to sleep and went several nights with very little sleep. I thought there was something wrong with me but I was going through a very natural process of relearning how to sleep.
   So why wasn’t I told about it sooner?  
   Why did I have to go through it and then find out it was a natural part of the recovery process?
   I decided to put together a web page to address things that most of us already know or should know. On this web page are SOS Members thoughts and links to articles from SOS websites and outside sources. 


International known actor and American Indian flute player

Green Wall of Growth

  The idea of a sign in wall was
thought up by a member of the SOS International E-Support List,

  Members sign in -- A marker in time -- To stamp on the wall the date when they decided to change there life and enter a new world of Abstinence.

  Check it out and ask to be added
if you like.

  Norm took this idea very seriously; so if you decide, or choose not to stay on your journey please let us know so we can remove your name.

Cold Turkey -Don't Do It--

  Get some information before jumping in.  Detox can be extremely Dangers for some people and Alcohol can be a very Dangers Drug to Detox from.


by Mark Thompson
Here is an unpopular truth for you: suffering is a necessary, beautiful part of life.  In a sense, suffering is no different from joy; in all actuality, suffering is inseparable from joy.  Those who spend life running and hiding from all pain, never letting themselves fully experience it, those who never let themselves be taken over from time to time by life's suffering, those who never let go and allow pain to come in and run its course, they are the ones who in turn are equally unable to fully realize and experience joy and serenity.  Energy comes from both the positive and the negative; it takes all of it to produce a truly rich, fully human experience.  This is a fact, and here's why:

Mike the Drug Counselor on Amino Acids

Here is some information on Amino Acids that is passed out by Mike the Drug Counselor

Mike the Drug Counselors Amino Acid Guidelines.

   With all medical information; caution must be taken, because what helps one person, may kill, or maim another.  Please weight all the risks and the benefits check with your doctor and then proceed with caution.
   Amino Acids have been reported by many SOS Members to have worded and worked extremely well in fighting and stopping all together; Many forms of Depression.
Research the subject talk to others and seek help if you suffer from Depression.

















Find an SOS meeting in your area.

  Meeting and Contact information is updated on an ongoing basis.
  If meeting information or Contact information is not correct please let us know so we can make corrections quickly.

E-Mail James Christopher and Web Master Duaine M.
with new information or alert us of changes or outdated information. &

   Meeting and contact finder is setup to make it possible for SOS Meetings to be easy to find.
   It's also set up to provide a Data Bank for people who want to start a meeting or want to meet or talk to SOS Members near them.
   This Data Bank takes a great deal of work keeping it updated but it's worth the effort if it can put SOS Members in touch with each other.
   To make the Data Bank successful we need your contact information.  You can remain Anonymous.  We will do our very best to keep your contact information confidential and only give it out to those people who live near you.  It will be your choice of just how much information you want given out.
   You can ensure an added layer of protection by getting a free E-Mail account that has no personal information in it and use it so people can contact you.
   You can also choose to not receive any outside contact and have the Clearinghouse send you information on new contacts in the area and you can decide if you want to contact them.  This gives an added layer of protection for those who want it.
   You can of course if you choose have your contact information like your phone number and or email address put on the web.
   SOS wants to provide as much protection as possible and also provide a working Data Base.  It's a tall task and Jim Christopher is willing to put in the work to make it happen.
   All you have to do is contact Jim Christopher and work out just how you want to use our Data Base.
   You will find that Jim has had a great deal of experience in helping Members with contact information and protecting it.
More on finding meetings

Building Recovery Book







SOS E-Groups
Home E-Group of SOS

SOS Save Our Selves  International
E-Support Group -- Support and Information-Home SOS E-Support Group.

SOS Women E-Support Group -Set up to meet the needs of women in SOS

SOS Friends and Families Set up to meet the needs of friends and families of those who are or have been addicted.

An article by Hope from SOS Friends and Families

  For every one addict you will generally find at least 2 people who love them and are affected by their addiction.  Whether it is their parents, spouses, friends, or children, finding places for those loved ones to get support has been limited greatly, especially for those looking for a secular support group, but now that's no longer the case... The rest of the article

SOS Badge to Badge -- is a peer-support group dedicated to the recovery of law enforcement personnel who are dealing with
alcohol, and other addictions. This group is open to all police and law enforcement, whether newly sober or with many years of recovery. Our topics range greatly and the discussion of new ideas in recovery is encouraged. This forum is a safe, confidential way of gathering information on addictions and sharing it with others in the law enforcement community. Badge to Badge is an alternative recovery group based in Western New York, which follows the guidelines and principles of SOS (Save Our Selves) International. This group is an autonomous, non-professional local group dedicated solely
to helping law enforcement personnel achieve and maintain sobriety.

Our Stories from SOS International E-Support List collected by Carl

Posts from the SOS International E-Support List.

  After a long and illustrious career as a drinker I have decided to go sober.
  I have been off alcohol for 40 days, I made my declaration to quit Fri 11/8 )…I have been a heavy drinker for 20 years; my main stay for the past 5 has been vodka (Grey Goose; Belvidere) fresh out of the freezer on the rocks straight, also enjoyed a beer or two, and wine; ….my decision came not by hitting rock bottom but more as a realization of bumping along bottom for many years (especially the last 4-5); I have been trying over the last 2-years to condition myself to be a "social drinker"; trying to maintain a "quota" or max drinks per night (not social I know) that did not work; …also trying to take weekdays off but after 3 weeks that plan failed due to cheating during the  More stories

Web Pages from the Old SOS Web Site

SOS Does Not use 12 Steps -- Here are some 12 Steps that people have come up with



     The sign Under Construction is here to let you know there are improvements that I want to make over time and maybe with some help from others in the layout of this web site it will happen soon.  I want this web site to eventually be, not only  -- easy to find your way around but -- also easy on the eye.  If you have experience in this area please let me know.  No pay but I will give you credit for what you volunteered to do.

cute graphic here   

     How to best present the information in a web site is often a difficult decision.  Some look for pretty, some look for easy to navigate, and some look for both.  I'll start with simple and expand from there over time.  My hope is you find everything easily and it's easy to add pages as we go.

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