Cross Posting

Sending the same post to two or more different organizations or groups. As addressed in the To: line or CC: line, either in recovery or not in recovery or to other people is discouraged since it could breech the confidentiality and the anonymity of the members of the group 

If one wants to send the same post it is requested that you copy and paste the post in a new email. It may be more time consuming, but it is a good way to try to ensure the confidentiality of the group.



The intention of this SOS email meeting is to provide as safe and confidential

  a place as possible for members to share their joys and pains in getting and staying sober.

Disruptions, or flaming, that is attacking someone on the list either personally, their individual program, or religious, non-religious views, may be considered disruptions to the group meeting.

A very simple way to avoid disruptions is to treat everyone with respect, to speak from personal experiences when responding to a post, and to allow each person to speak their own truth even if we disagree with it. Keep in mind that the focus of this group is that of abstinence from drugs/alcohol.

SOS  a abstinence group, meaning that one should be striving for total abstinence from all addictive substances.  There will be no promotion of drug use in the meeting except for medical reasons not getting high reasons.

Here's hoping that each and every member will use this list for recovery and do so with confidence that this SOS email meeting is safe and confidential as possible.


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