Here is some information on Amino Acids by Mike the Drug Counselor

With all medical information; Caution must be taken.
 Because what helps one person, may kill, or maim another.  Please weight all the risks and benefits, check with your doctor and then proceed with caution.

 Many SOS Members have reported that Amino Acids worked for them and some reported that they worked extremely well in fighting or stopping many forms of Depression.

Research the subject; talk to others and seek help if you suffer from Depression.

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Frequently Asked Questions


About Amino Acids


What are Amino Acids?


Amino Acids are concentrations of the building blocks of protein-in other words they are food concentrates, similar in type to vitamins. You absorb Amino Acids every day in your diet and have your whole life, but the concentrations have been too low to be effective to help with addiction/abuse of drugs. Today’s typical American diet which emphasizes trans fats, starches and sugars means that you may be getting even lower levels than are needed by average non-addicted persons.


How can they help in substance abuse remission?


They help because they are what the brain uses to produce neurotransmitters, the chemical messenger system of the brain that regulates craving, mood, energy, focus, sleep, ambition/drive and calmness/rest. The production levels of these chemical messengers are damaged, sometimes quite severely, with long term problems resulting, by use of addictive substances. Amino Acids help restore normal production levels and thereby reduce these problems.


Do all Amino Acids work in the same way, for the same thing?


Yes and no. While all Amino Acids work in the same way, they do not all correct the same problems, a review of what problems you are experiencing reveals what Amino Acids may be helpful in your particular case.


Are Amino Acids safe?


Yes. Research has been conducted on the use of Amino Acid therapies for addiction for over 50 years, by many leading research scientists around the world. Safe levels of consumption, long term effects and precautions are well known.


What are those precautions?


Persons taking MAO inhibitor anti-depressants should not use Amino Acid supplements. Persons with high blood pressure should not use 1-Tyrosine or 1-Phenylalanine. Persons with liver or kidney failure should not use l~-Glutarnine. Persons taking Prozac, Weibutrin, Zotoft, Cymbalata, Paxil or other such products should not take 5-HTP or L-Tryptophan, L-Tyrosine or 1.-Phenylalanine in conjunction with these synthetic chemical medications, Persons taking a benzc,diazepine drug such as Xanax, Valium or Cholarazepam should not take 6AM or L~6lutarnine in con~uncxion with the~ synthetic chemicat medications. Persons who are phenyketonu,Ics. a rare medical condition, should not take phenylalanine in any form (including products that contain Nutrasweet)

How tong before I feel the effects of Amino Acids?

Most people feel the effects with the first few doses, but remember to take Vitamin B-6, the RDA at least daily or ideally with each dose. You may have to increase or decrease the dosage of the Amino Acid to get the desired effects, but remember-researchers strongly caution against taking more than the maximum recommended doses of Amino Acids for a good reason. 

Should I discuss taking Amino Add supplements with my doctor or pharmacist?

Absolutely’ Your doctor ~~pharmacist should always know everything you are taking.

How long should I take Amino Acid supplements?

Researchers are divided on this question, with some advocating use for a few months, some for the remainder of your life and most advocating their use for at least 2 years following initial abstinence from addictive substances. Again it’s your health, your decision as to what is comfortable for you. 

Is there anything I should take along with Amino Acids to make them work better? 

Yes, always take Vitamin B-6 daily ( the RDA) or ideally with each dose of Amino Acids because it is the co-factor that activates their use.

Should I stop taking my anti-depressant medication and start taking Amino Acids instead?

That decision is between you and your doctor.

Can I safely take as much of an Amino Acid as I want?

No. There are dosing guidelines that have been established by researchers, they vary according to the type of Amino Acids.

Can Amino Acids cure addiction?

No, of course not,


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